About Professional .Net Specialist

  • Under this program we cover C Programming, Database using Oracle, .Net Framework using C# and Web Programming using ASP.Net.
  • C programming helps student to develop their logic thinking ability which is the fundamental need of any developer.
  • Database is the back bone of every application; students learn all concepts from Normalization, Joins, Sub-query to Cursor, triggers and stored procedures.
  • Under .Net framework using C#, mainly we focus on architectural part like reflection, delegates, collection, threading, ADO .Net along with OOPs concept.
  • ASP.Net is covers the topic like State Management, Application Cycle, Master Pages, AJAX, Web Service and WCF, Caching and Profiling, Globalization and Localization and so on.

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Course Information

Topics Included

C Programming
Database Programming with Oracle
.Net Framework using C#
ASP .Net
ASP .Net MVC Introduction
Microsoft Certification Preparation

Course Details

Regular Batches
Duration 20 Weeks
Days & Hrs Monday to Friday : 4 Hrs
Week End Batches
Duration 36 Weeks
Days & Hrs Sunday : 8 Hrs


Web Project
Online Project
Game Project
Mathematical & Logical Game
Windows Project
Domain Project