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Dot Net Training in Mumbai

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is Dot Net? You may know that it is related to the world of programming, but what is Microsoft .NET? In general, Dot Net could be defined as a set of tools, technologies, and services that facilitate the construction of all kinds of applications. If you are looking to join the best dot net classes online in Mumbai at affordable prices, it will be better to get all the basic ideas you need before entering the program.

What is the Dot Net training program?

It is a platform for software development launched by Microsoft to merge its vast catalog of products, ranging from its multiple operating systems to development tools. From a commercial point of view, .NET could be interpreted as the alternative by Microsoft in the web development sector to compete with the Java platform of Oracle Corporation and PHP. Join the best online dot net training in Mumbai to know more about details. 

A general-purpose platform, web developments, desktop programs, or applications for mobile devices can be carried out. It also favors multiplatform development. The same application can run indistinctly on the different mobile operating systems such as IOS, Android, or Windows Phone, guaranteeing communication between the other devices. It is why learning asp net course in Mumbai has great importance.

Specific objectives of the course –

After completing the dot net classes, students gain the necessary knowledge and a solid foundation to enter the job market quickly, with a .NET application software developer profile. They are trained in specific language expertise to have a technical work tool that allows them to specialize early.

  • Bring knowledge of .Net technology and Visual Basic and C # programming languages,
  • Use various constructs from the Visual Basic and C # programming languages,
  • Use decision constructs, loops, and methods to create the flow of a program,
  • Implement intermediate programming concepts in programs with .Net technology,
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of programming in Visual Basic .Net and C #,
  • Compare the use of both languages ​​knowing their differences,
  • Create projects with elements of both languages,
  • Implement and test a complete program that could be used in a business application on an intranet,
  • Develop classes to connect programs to SQL database systems using the core aspects of the application programming interface of connectivity to a database using simple techniques in ADO,
  • Organize and configure the infrastructure to be able to incorporate a project developed in .Net.
  • Create remote objects. Create a multithreaded server.
  • Finish the training with practical experiences simulating a project context.

Job opportunity –

After completing the online course, the developer can apply for Dot Net developer (fresher), Dot Net analysts, Project analysts, junior programmers, etc. And, honestly, the future is bright. A search on any technology job site shows us that .NET is among the technologies with the most vacancies offered anywhere in the world. We must remember that Microsoft has great relevance in the corporate market, and large and medium companies choose to use its solutions. Joining the asp net course in Mumbai will polish your career opportunities. 

Conclusion –

A framework is a repository that contains specific functionality to solve certain types of problems. The .NET Framework is a package of classes with coded solutions to common programming problems, supports several programming languages ​​in the .NET environment, and provides a range of features related to the user interface, data access, and connectivity to relational databases, cryptography, network communications, and a web development environment. However, to join dot net training in Mumbai, you must have some basic knowledge. It will be ideal to consult with an expert online to get a better idea.

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