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Game Project

Project Description

Game Project

Duration : 12 Hrs

Technology : .Net Framework

Member : Individual

Project Formation :
Each students does the research on game application from internet, they design the structure and define the logic on paper. Students begin the project after discussion and approval of mentor students.

Project Development :
Each student design and develop the game application using the concept of OOPs, Logical statement, Windows Forms, Collections and Generics, Events and Delegates, etc…. This project will help student to understand the implementation of fundamental of .net framework. Students can develop any kind of game like Puzzles, Numbering Game, Words Game and Arithmetic Game, and so on.

Project Documentation :
Every student prepares the documentation with the help of provided template to make the flow of requirement and user manual to understand the rule of game.

Project Presentation :
Each student gives the presentation of project in front of mentor and they are been given marks of each project.