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Importance of Front End Development

Today’s world is narrowed on one single web like from Social Network to ERP Solutions, Communication to Digital Marketing, Business Analysis to Artificial Intelligence. The whole world is integrated on one common platform that is WWW.  Various technologies are playing a vital role to develop simple to complex application. Every web application is the outcome of client side and server side scripting. Current trends in web development are drastically moving towards client-side scripting to overcome the challenges deal with server-side scripting. Client-side scripting is taking a large share in web development which usually can deal with validation, data binding, calling web services and much more. When we look into the options in client-side scripting, we have a wide variety of options like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS and so on.


Clients are becoming smarter than the server, as client started sharing a load of a server in terms of data validation, processing, memory management, and persistence. Every web development is divided into three major components: the server, the database, and the client. And the client is simply the browser who view and interact with the application.

The server provides the complete solution through a web application which designed using various architecture and framework based and list of design patterns.  Whereby clients are using a simple scripting language to provide the solution easily access by a various device like a laptop, mobile, desktop and so on.

Client-end scripts are embedded in a website’s HTML, which is a host on the server in a language that’s compatible with, or compiled to communicate with, the browser. Against the request by a client, Server sends to the browser who temporarily downloads the code and interprets and converts in human-readable format.

Client-side scripting is always evolving—it’s growing faster, simpler and easier to use. As a result, sites are faster, more efficient, and less work is left up to the server.

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