Placement Procedure

  1. After clearing 1st Mock – (L1), one interview call will be given to check the level of candidate.
    • May be more if no relevant candidate found in L2 or in job guarantee list
  2. Full Placement procedure will start only after clearing the final mock (i.e. 2nd Mock – L2)
    • Suggestion: - Visual Coder suggest the candidate to upload the CV’s on Job portal as well and keep it refreshing in an interval of a day or two.
  3. If we have less time for psoting requirements of SmartHunt4u, placement team may give you a call.
    • If you missed our call, try to contact Your TRC (Placement Co-ordinator) ASAP.
    • In any odd hours drop an SMS on her/his number(Odd hours – 7.30 pm to 9.00 am)
    • Anyone who has not received the Job Opening SMS but eligible can call TRC (Placement Co-ordinator)
      (Sometime it happens due to some technical / typo / human error)
  4. Black List criteria :-
    • Visual Coder provides Job calls as per the requirement of his clients. So if any student receive any call / sms / email, it is not to be shared with any one i.e. any SQUADian or anyoutsider (Non SQUADian) or post it or publicize it on internet e.g. Facebook.
    • Candidates cannot forward the mail regarding the job opening to their friends in Visual Coder.
    • Do not call on the HR / Companies numbers mentioned in the SMS or share email id’s sent tocandidates with the job information as those numbers and email id’s are provided for urgency For Example: If you are Not able to find location at the time of interview.
    • Do not use shared numbers/emails for job updates as Company HR will not provide any kind of information to the candidates with respect to job details.For any confusion or any kind of detail, you need to get in touch with Visual Coder placement team.
    • Once candidate has applied for the job and gets selected he/she cannot withdraw, if he or she does, then Visual Coder is not liable for further placement as it hampers Visual Coder image and relation with the clients and more over candidates who are more interested / in urgency may loses the opportunity.

      Note:- If it is found to be true than you will not be given any placement call and other candidate with whome it is shared will also get black listed for minimum period of 2 years.
  5. For fresher’s opening companies may insist for Bonds eg.
    • Number of month/year bond
    • Bank guarantee bond
    • Certificate bond or any other type of bond
    • Visual Coder never suggest bond where money is to paid as cash.
  6. As per the information / updates provided by our clients we tries that all placement calls which are shared with candidates should contain details i.e Location / Bond / salary information
    • If any information is missing contact Visual Coder placement team
    • Possibly Companies have not share some or all information
  7. In case of any urgency, if candidate is not able to attend interview then immediately mail /call / sms along with the reason for not attending the interview has to send to TRC (Placement Co-ordinator)
  8. After selection joining formalities are taken care by the Company HR, which may take time so Candidate need not have to call, sms Or mail for the same again and again once the joining date is available candidate will be informed immediately.
    • Support is available for exceptional cases
  9. If candidate is not getting job after many reattempt, He / She may be asked for re attending the lectures
  10. During any interview candidate should wear the ID card issued by Visual Coder
  11. Candidate should go well dressed and presentable
  12. Must carry extra CV
  13. Placement calls are available on however selection / market / companies criteria may apply.
  14. Feel free to discuss or take any suggestion on placement.
  15. Right To Reject will be 3 Calls only

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