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Windows Project

Project Description

Windows Project

Duration : 24 Hrs. (for each member)

Technology : .Net Framework, Windows Forms, ADO .Net

Member : 4-5 Students in One Group

Project Formation :
Project Development : Each student would design and develop the application using .Net framework, Windows Forms and ADO.Net. Students will develop domain based application like: Hardware Repair and Maintenance System, Institute Management, Medical Billing System and so on. Each student need to work on their respective module whereby they can learn on master forms, Transactional Forms and generate the business report and analysis. At the end of the project students gains knowledge of various concept and technology.

Project Outcome :

  • Collecting the Client Requirement
  • Organizing and managing the client requirement into project
  • Planning and Scheduling the project
  • Analysis and Designing the module
  • Database Designing and structuring
  • Designing the User Interface
  • Applying CRUD Operation
  • Generating the Reports

Project Documentation :
Every student prepares the documentation with the help of provided template to make the flow of requirement and user manual to understand the rule of business and Flow of application.

Project Presentation :
Each student gives the presentation of project in front of mentor and they are been given marks of each project.